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Lucy in the sky with fungus.

7 years ago I tried mushrooms. I hated it. I won't talk about that experience. A couple weeks ago I tried acid...that was great, I won't talk about that...there weren't enough people tripping along with me. Last night I ate some killer mushrooms...I'll talk about that because I was tripping along with about 7 other people at the same time. It was a crazy, beautiful, amazing experience that I am afraid to repeat again...and my vision is still a bit weird. So I went over to the hippy hill, where a dude sold me a 1.5 grams of fungus for 13 bucks. Then I ran into another "friend" who I've seen around quite a bit and he treated me to 2 black-as-night stems. He then asked me to hang out with him so we can trip out together. I can understand why he did that now. Tripping alone is really nowhere near the amazing experience that it can be with a few other people. Giggling, looking at earth move, trees talking to you. I swear we kept reading each other's minds! I would think of something quietly, then someone would say EXACTLY what I was just thinking about literally 2 seconds ago. I would lift my leg, while looking at the sky, and a dog would pass through the passage I had just opened for it. Keep in mind, I was looking at the stars the entire time and couldn't see shit else. After the giggling part wore off, my hearing became even more in-tuned. Keep in mind, the entire time I'm there by the haystacks, we're smoking hash and weed the entire freakin time too. It was pretty crazy and I'm not sure when the next time I'm gonna do that again is going to be. But I am sure that it's not going to be ANY freaking time soon. Anyways, my first acid story is quite interesting too but I'm not going to go into it. My first coke story is REALLY fucked up, so maybe next time. Goodnight kids!
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