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My personal favorites::

1. Weed, because quite frankly-you just can't go wrong with Mary Jane.
its cheap, its safe-its easy to come by. And I don't have to worry about an overdose, a hangover, a panic attack, an addiction or a comedown.
Just a mild case of the munchies. :) Gotta love it.

2. Any and all phycadelics- salvia paodi, acid, high quantities of MDMA. Everything about them is appealing to me. I looove acid, so much!
Just the very thought of seeing sounds and hearing smells gets me all excited. Acid is joy, to say the very least. The only downer, in my opinion- is when you have a bad trip-you can't stop it. When I'm high on hallusingents I have no perception what so ever of whats real and whats not. And sometimes that can be really scary. The first time I did it can deffinitely be considered a bad trip. I was at home-alone; (you can see the problem already- d o n ' t do it alone!) and I was in the kitchen when the high hit me. I had a tiled floor in that apartment and I was so drawn to the ground, I couldn't stop staring. In each and every tile of my floor- I saw a bad memory from my life in the past: (and i've had some pretty fucked up shit happen to me) anyway; it was playing like a movie. In every tile; I relived a traumatizing experiance like it was happening all over again. I hated it. But the bright side is I haven't had a trip like that sense; and god do I ever hope it never happens again.

3. Ecstasy :: The love drug, is just simply that. The love drug. And I love it. :)
Some of my best highs came off of these pills. I especially love when it fucks with my vision and makes everything I see shake.
Although its never really made me horny. It really just makes me social.

4. Cocaine : I love that mellowed out feeling; just sitting with my friends, talking about nothing all night. Can't beat that.

5. Real honey oil. -self explanatory. Its such a happy natural high.

6. Hash,whenever I go to get a new tattoo or piercing, I make sure I smoke alot of hash before and after. It just. numbs me.

7. Meth : Its not my drug of choice, but I like how it makes the time fly by. Its the best rave drug in my opinion.

As for prescription drugs, their really not my bag. As a matter of fact I think their complete bullshit.
Im not putting down on anyone who's into that sort of stuff, it really just doesn't do it for me.
But whatever floats your goat..

As for crack-never again, its just a tease.

Heroin? Never, I'll never put my hands on a needle drug.

I've done a bunch of shit I'm not to proud of. But I'm not getting into that-this is just a list of my personal favorites,
Sooo, add me as a friend if you share a comment interest. 

Yours truly-K. <3
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