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New Girl

I guess I'll get to the point:

My cousin (Sai) and I were heavily using coke about a year ago. The lack of care for anything other than the drug, somehow bonded us and made us codependent upon one another. Everyday was spent with one another and there was never a sober day. Our addictions esculated, and eventually we ran into some trouble.

It had been a long day full of pill popping and blazing and we decided to spend the day riding the bus to go watch a movie. We ran into a friend (Chris) who gave us some perkisets and valium. Sai took about 15, but I did none. At the time, pills weren't my thing, so for a couple of hours I was baby-sitting. It was about 7pm when we remembered that we had to be home for her sister's graduation. So we headed back that way on the bus, still chillin with Chris. Eventually we arrived at the school, but we weren't sure if we really wanted to go. In all honestly, either of us could care less about the graduation, the fact that there would be parties after was the only thing that appealed to us.

The day before, we had just gotten our hands on a quarter roll. So we figured a party would be a perfect place to bust out at. We asked around but didn't get lucky. So we waited for a little while, and Chris finally announced that this girl Vero was having a kick back. We decided we were going to head that way. We ended up hitch-hiking for lack of any other transportation. The guy who picked us up asked us if we wanted to blaze. So on our way to Vero's house we all hit the joint.

When we arrived, we literally ran out of the car. We were so eager to get wired! I don't even remember knocking on the door or coming inside and saying "hi" to everyone that was there. I just remember being in the garage, and watching everybody guzzle their 40's and pass the pipe. Within the first five minutes we starting laying out lines. But these weren't normal lines, they were about an inch across, an inch thick, and about 3 inches long. This was an usual high dose, but we thought we would be able to handle it.

We bragged about the amount we could do (eight balls in one sitting)for a little while and then we got to snorting. I let my cousin go first. She came up for a break, to catch her breath, but she finished it all. I saw her get up, eyes looking heavy. I didn't think anything of it. She took a seat and I started to do mine. I had barely snorted a 40 (at least that's what I believe I did) when I had to stop. My nose went completely numb, so I got up for a second and walked over to her side.

She looked like shit and for some reason it triggered a fear inside me. Her head was lying against metal chairs that were stacked on one another. For some reason, I felt the instinct to put something soft over them. I got a bed comforter from Vero and made her lay on it. I looked away and decided to try and finish my line but as soon as I sat down,I looked back and I could see her shaking. I got back up to see if she was okay, but she wasn't. She started siezuring and was about to hit the ground. Luckily I caught her before she could but I couldn't hold on because she was wigging out. Her body was shaking violently and I had to scream for help. Dom, Chris, and Vero came to my side, not knowing what to do.

Be it coincedence or a sign, the previous day I had also read a book on how to help someone if they O.D. particuarly siezure. So with the little knowledge I knew, I told Chris to place the bed comforter she had just been laying on, on the floor so that we could place her on it and not injure her head. All of us were assigned to a part of her body, I got her legs, Chris was holding her torso, and Dom was at her head making sure she didn't roll off onto the concrete floor of the garage.

We could feel her body burning up, and the only thing we could think of doing was give her water. All of us were disoriented and didn't know any better, so we pretty much poured in her mouth and started making her choke, when that happened we stopped. I began to blotch water onto her convulsing body. The whole time I was screaming, begging her not to leave me, not to die this way like she could hear me. At one point she stopped seizuring but she wasn't breathing either. I told Dom to give her mouth to mouth, and amazingly she had recieved air into the lungs. Her eyes sprung open and she started siezuring again. We followed the same process for about another half hour.

The whole time we all contemplated about calling the police. But it was a struggle because if they did come we would all be arrested for possession, and if my cousin did die, I'd be finished. I wasn't worried about myself though, so I told everyone that if the cops came that I would take all the blame. I told them to stick the coke in my bag, stick all the weed in my bag, stick all the pills in my bag. Just as long as my cousin didn't die. Fortunately Sai began to calm down and eventually came out of her siezure.

She sat there confused for a minute. Not knowing what had happened. She told us she had to throw up so we grabbed a bucket and watched the white fluid drain from her body through her mouth. I hugged her and kept going back and forth to get her some water, her throat outrageously dry. She was alright and that's all that mattered. We spent the rest of the night on the couch in Vero's living room, knowing that we couldn't go home. We stayed up in paranoia, worried that our parents would come looking for us but they didn't. At least not until morning, which is a different story in itself.

I can't say that things changed after that. The next morning she was doing a line.
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